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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is plaque/calculus?

Plaque is a soft, sticky deposit, composed primarily of bacteria, that forms continuously on oral surfaces. The bacteria produce toxic substances that damage teeth, soft tissues and supporting bone.

Calculus (tartar) is a hard deposit formed when minerals in the saliva adhere to the teeth.

Should I (or could I) bleach my teeth?

Bleaching is a safe, effective option for most people. Dr. Fullwiler can advise you if there are conditions present (damaged enamel, sensitivity) that may need to be considered.

Do I need a crown?

Crowns are restorations that help preserve fractured or over-filled teeth. Preserving teeth helps maintain your "bite" by preventing drifting and super-eruption of other teeth. Dr. Fullwiler has many years experience determining when a crown is advisable.

What do you think about sonic toothbrushes?

We have observed many patients improve their oral health with sonic brushes when used properly. The sonic toothbrushes remove plaque thoroughly and reduce gum recession caused by overzealous brushing.

Can you do something to calm my nerves?

Our office can provide sedative measures. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas), some prescription medications (Valium, Halcyon), and monitored conscious sedation. We are understanding of your fears and work to help you have as good an experience as possible at our office.

How does your office handle insurance?

We always submit dental insurance forms for our patients.
Dental insurance is a valuable asset to patients because it helps pay for a portion of their dental costs. However, insurance policies are a contract between the patient and the insurance company.

Our role as a third party provider does not necessarily mean that we are guaranteed payments from the insurance carrier. Additionally, each company pays different rates for similar services and some may have riders that alter the fee schedule.

Will you work with me on my payments?

Our fees for dental services are based on the time and technical services you require and are consistent with the guidelines established throughout the Inland Northwest.

We ask for payment upon completion of each visit. However, other arrangements can be made with our receptionist at the time of your first visit, depending on the circumstances and the estimated cost of treatment. We accept all credit cards and can work with you on a payment schedule.

We hope to make it as easy as possible for you to afford good dental care.